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Curt Silbert, is the BeerNeck Guy...

Curt Silbert of Gambrills, Maryland is the World Famous Inventor of the patented BeerNeck.

On a hot summer day in 1998 on the Severn River (Annapolis, MD), Curt was faced with a situation that needed an extra hand. As he was loading his boat and with his hands full, he asked his girlfriend to hold his beer. She adamantly retorted, "Hold your own damn Beer!" Reluctantly he said "Fine!" as he yanked the key from the ignition and removed the lanyard, attaching it to the insulated bottle jacket he was already using and the BeerNeck concept was born. It would be another couple of years before the product was fine tuned and ready to offer to the public. "It's one thing to simply wear your beverage, but if you don't have a resealable cap, you'll end up 'wearing' your beverage in the worst way by spilling it everywhere.

On December 20, 2001, Curt launched BeerNeck.com, after developing this handy drinking gadget to meet his own needs and satisfaction and giving away over 1,000 BeerNecks to those who could appreciate the convenient value of this innovative device.

Fueled by his passion to 'Share the Freedom', the Internet and National exposure from articles like September Maxim's 'Drinks on You' and his interview on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, the BeerNeck concept is spreading around the globe.

Be on the look out for the BeerNeck Guy in a town near you. If you happen to run into him, chances are that he’ll hook you up with the Freedom of BeerNeck or BevNeck, depending on your choice of refreshment. He has given away thousands of products this way and truly enjoys giving (to those who ‘get it’).

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For more information about BeerNeck and the lifestyle of ‘Drinking Freedom’, please call (301) 535-0102 or send an email to support@beerneck.com.

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